Nagasaki Warehouse Co., Ltd.


Ship agency business

Tthe port of Nagasaki

Familiar with ship agency business at the port of Nagasaki, and provides services satisfying domestic and overseas international shipping companies.


Vessels in a wide variety, including cruise ships, cargo ships, LNG carriers, container ships, tankers, sailing ships, Chinese fishing boats, and newly built vessels arrive at or depart from the port of Nagasaki on a daily basis.
Nagasaki Warehouse Co., Ltd. as an agency for domestic and international shipping companies provides services satisfying customers appropriately and promptly in response to their requests, including smooth port entry and departure procedures for ships and various requests made by ships in port.


In recent years, there has been an increase in Chinese people’s cruise demand with a dramatic increase in foreign cruise ships calling each port in Kyushu.

The Port of Nagasaki is no exception, and cruise ships are making ports almost every day. All our employees unite and do their best based on their rich experience and track record to provide services to a variety of cruise ships including those for European and Japanese passengers as well as those for Chinese passengers.

Contact information
【Ship Agency Department, Shipping Division】
Phone095-824-1265 FAX095-825-7110

Warehousing business


We provide one-stop services, ranging from customs procedures for the import and export of goods to the custody of goods.

Real estate leasing business


We continue our contribution to customers with services, ranging from building leasing to parking lot management according to customers’ planning.

Customs clearance, and logistics business


We ensure prompt customs clearance with the instruction of the Nippon Automated Cargo and Port Consolidated System (SEA-NACCS for short).
As a logistics industry excellent navigator, we respond precisely to customers’ requests with high value-added business operations and services.